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Buy hCG — What to Look for in the Best hCG Drops

With literally thousands of hCG drops to choose from, finding the right hCG for you can be an overwhelming task. With thousands of companies claiming they have "the most effective hCG" how can you be sure you're getting a product that truly will deliver fast weight loss results? The best hCG drops have many factors in common — and these elements can help you distinguish the best hCG drops from the ineffective rip-offs.

  1. The hCG Drops Should be Formulated with 100% Pure hCG

    The best diet drops are made using 100% natural ingredients. Before you buy ANY hCG product, be sure to carefully examine the label. Of course a preservative is necessary to prevent the hCG from going bad, but other added ingredients are a clear sign that the product is deficient. HCG is so effective on its own that other ingredients are simply not needed. These added ingredients are usually incorporated to disguise a weak and inferior product. Many companies claim that these superfluous ingredients make their hCG drops safer and more effective — but truth is, they are either using phony hCG or trying to reduce costs by diluting their hCG drops.

  2. Make Sure You are Buying at Least a 21 Day Supply

    The hCG diet is intended to last between 21-40 days; consequently, if you intend to commence the hCG diet, you need a 2 ounce bottle or larger. Many websites offer 1 ounce bottles or less with hopes that the low price will lure in naïve consumers. Any reputable company knows that a 7 or 14 day supply is useless — and companies that sell in these quantities are more interested in turning a profit than your health and well-being.

Finding a product that meets each of these guidelines may be the difference between a losing 1-2 pounds of fat a day and wasting your money.