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See What People Are Saying About BioMazing hCG Drops!

"Here at the office I sit at my desk and chat on the phone with clients all day long. Then a few months ago I was diagnosed with multiple herniated discs and lumbar spinal stenosis. My doctor wanted to operate but I decided to seek a second opinion. It was then I discovered that the excess weight I carried was the real problem and that unless it was addressed surgery was pointless.

With a family history of diabetes on both parental sides, I now had not one, but two reasons to do something about my weight. So I went online looking for HCG, which I’d heard good things about, and bought the least expensive bottle thinking I’d save some money. I tried it for 2 weeks, but nothing happened. Then I went back and bought the most expensive HCG product I could find (this one was also mixed with other ingredients). Not only did it fail to produce any direct weight loss, it made my tummy hurt and kept me running to the bathroom all through the day.

At that point I was ready to give into the knife then I realized I just needed to find right HCG because they couldn’t all be worthless since the scientific literature on it was too strong to be wrong. That’s when I found Biomazing HCG! It was a most wonderful discovery that I’ll always remember.

I followed the recommendations exactly by taking the drops 3 times daily before meals. I kid you not, on the very first day, I lost 3 pounds! Day two 2 pounds, on day three 1½ pounds, and on days 4-9 I lost a pound each day. From that point on I continued to lose about a pound each day (though there were days when I lost nothing), until I arrived to where I am today. Over a 3 month period I went from 217 to 158 pounds. All told, I lost just under 60 pounds!

The diet was surprisingly easy and I didn’t do any strenuous exercises. The only thing I did at the recommendation of my neurosurgeon was water traction which helped rehab my spine, but the HCG by itself in conjunction with the diet yielded remarkable results. Today the back pain is gone completely and my spine is like new again. If it wasn’t for Biomazing HCG I would’ve been forced to take on laparoscopic surgery for hernias of the spine, and even then the fix would’ve been only temporary and I would still be on a collision course with diabetes. And as for my personal life? It has never been better. I’m ready for new and exciting things! Biomazing HCG has helped solve a lot of problems."

— Janet P.

"I am so thrilled at the difference Biomazing HCG has made in my life. I have learned the key to finding true happiness and joy for myself was losing the weight that stayed glued to my body for years. The contents of this little bottle could make a dramatic difference in everyone's life. I strongly support this amazingly easy and powerful tool for body transformation. It works!"

— Martha M.

"I am 192 pounds, after beginning this diet 3 1/2 weeks ago @ 223 pounds. In 25 days, I lost 30 pounds. My BMI has gone from 28 to 26, and I have dropped two pant sizes. This is simply amazing to me. I tried Nutrisystem, weight watchers, even half killed myself with P90X. The most I ever lost was 10 pounds, and actually gained more weight when I couldn’t stay on their programs anymore.

Each day, I could hardly wait to wake up and weigh myself. I always lost 1/2 -2 1/2 pounds. The key to this diet is to buy an inexpensive scale to measure your food in grams, eat only the foods they tell you, and stay on the diet completely.

After I started the maintenance phase, I was reluctant to begin eating a lot more food and actually continued to lose a couple more pounds. I eat only protein like chicken, beef, salmon, deli turkey & ham, and lamb chops, along with water based vegetables — tomatoes, asparagus, green peppers, radishes, and red cabbage. And, I have not gained a pound, even though I never ate this much food, in my life, in one day.

This is the most amazing diet I have ever been on. I plan to go back on it in about 90 days so that I can get down to 185 pounds, a weight that would put me at 24 BMI."

thank you,
Jim S.

"My life is divided into two parts — before and AFTER HCG. Before Biomazing HCG I was plagued with everything from self-doubt, self-dissatisfaction constant complexes, constant joint pain, limited movement and a disappointing outlook. Atfer Biomazing HCG my confidence returned, my outlook and appearance significantly improved, and most importantly I had no more pains. Now I have great ease of movement with no stiffness at all, I feel I could fly! …

I only now understood the reason why I previously had a constant struggle with excess weight before HCG gave me such results.

The principles of the HCG diet should be a way of life, rather than the random diet. Occasional dining out and festivities are okay. But know that for every pleasure there is a price this way the extra body fat cannot hang heavily on nice thighs!

On other diets I was starving, and even when I lost pounds I gained back with interest. With Biomazing HCG it was easy to modify my diet and reduce the amount of food I consumed. Not once did I feel like I was starving. Even when it was time eat it was difficult to continue after only the first few mouthful."

— Angie O.

"I always wanted to be slim and graceful, but never was able succeed. And with age it became even more difficult as quietly year after year the weight increased. I tried several diets and exercises, but the forces I was up against was overwhelming. After dropping a few pounds I soon forgot about the diet and the pounds came back again.

Noticing one of my slender colleagues at work using Biomazing HCG, I took an interest in her method of weight loss and decided to try it. So I ordered a bottle. On the recommendation of the diet I excluded the “bad” foods and changed the amount of daily intake. And in just 6 weeks I had become a slender and elegant woman who fell in love not only with herself, but with the harmony of nature, the pursuit of the ideal and the pleasure in life. And I learned not to give up at any age!"

— Nicole R.

"Yesterday, my friend Claudia invited me to participate in a photo shoot. I gladly agreed. I was very exciting, all except for the stunning physique of the two younger girls which left me feeling a little jealous. The next task was to find a photograph before I had the great fortune of finding Biomazing HCG. It didn’t take long to find one from last year’s trip to the beach. I was horrified — was it really me? I’m so used to my new sleek image, it was hard to believe that a year ago I weighed 31 pounds more. After looking at the picture — the envy I felt earlier completely disappeared.

The thing that stood out most was that I didn’t have to make any special effort! Following the instructions — taking the drops were both interesting and easy. Looking back, it was actually fun. I listened carefully and accurately followed all of the recommendations of the diet.

Dietary recommendations did not seem unreal or undesirable. I especially liked the morning weigh-ins, although some days (mostly when I was “bad” the day before) I lost no more than a 1/2 a pound, or none at all. But surely enough the weight came off — and it came off faster than any method I’d tried before!

Biomazing HCG has given me a sense of psychological stability and optimism, and a sense of feminine charm and health along with a new body and lifestyle. Many thanks to Biomazing HCG for their sensitivity, expert advice and support — and a great product that made it all possible."

— Jenny B.

"Before the birth of my child I had no problems with weight, I was Slim and received a lot of attention. But after by baby was born I gained over 22 pounds that I just couldn’t get rid of. I developed a very strong feeling of discomfort and resentment and hated the fact that I could no longer wear my favorite jeans because my stomach stuck out so much they could not button. Besides I also lost interest in social life for fear of getting caught in the sight of an old acquaintance. A couple grueling diets help, but not for long. Plus, I was always hungry, my mood was awful, my skin was flabby and my muscles malnourished.

A friend told me about Biomazing HCG, but I thought it was not likely to help me lose weight. I was especially fearful of the diet because I didn’t want to starve again.

But he convinced me to give it a try and I quickly found that I could eat a wide variety of foods and I never felt hungry. It was remarkably easy, and watching myself lose a pound or two each day was enough to motivate me all the way until I lost all the weight. And so I am happy again, happy to catch views of myself in the mirror. And I know that if in my life I will have more challenges, but it does not matter — Biomazing HCG makes everything right!"

— Katie P.

"Sooner or later all dieters have to admit: there are no miracles. “Magic” teas, soups and tablets offer short-term results. People “lose weight”, often just water-weight, then shortly after the old forces retake control they regain the lost weight plus a little bit more. I am 32 years old and all through my early adult life I was thin. Then I stopped riding my bike to work and purchased a car. Immediately, my once active life changed and I no longer moved at all. The pounds piled on, but I was too preoccupied with the new high-paying job to do anything about it. 4 years later after I lost the job I fell into deep depression which only made matters worse.

Then one day I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly approach of an old acquaintance and his attention to me and my health. He told me he had gained a lot of weight and was diagnosed “pre-diabetic” and how a little known product called Biomazing HCG saved his life.

After I bought the first bottles I thought about returning them — in the back of head I still kept thinking “there are no miracles”. It was the first dosage of the drops and I didn’t know what to do, so I began to see myself a small army tank, in size and determination.

Now when I visit the old neighborhood and I see some of my old friends. Many of them ask: “How did you managed this?” I think everything turned out just great. I have good health, strength and energy, I’m not overweight and I’m no longer depressed (because I look good and I do not worry). Yes, indeed miracles do exist- Biomazing HCG is astonishing!"

— Donna S.

"I did lots of research on HCG before I bought from you after a friend of mine fell for one of the free trial scams and another for a cheap ineffective brand. It took them weeks to resolve it. Almost made me change my mind about HCG altogether. But having tried the BioMazing brand which you highly recommended I have to say thanks a million - it really worked for me. I lost weight at the rate of about 1/2 –2 lbs every day after I started. I didn’t feel like pigging out like I used to and I actually felt better knowing it’s an all natural product with no added unnecessary ingredients."

— Renee C.

"Lov it. My arms, waist, hips and thighs feel 10 times smaller than they used to be, I have a swank new wardrobe and boyfriend, I feel perkier and more attractive than I have in years. It’s all good baby!"

— Kimberly G.