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Thanks for visiting — I am Albert Thompson, fervent hCG enthusiast and advocate. I have been struggling to lose weight and get healthy since 1998. My goal was to get my BMI down to 20, which I’ve finally been able to achieve — thanks to hCG. I very much enjoy writing for this website because it allows me to take everything that I've learned and use that knowledge to help you out. I am able to ensure you find the most effective hCG drops available — the ones that REALLY work!

I recognize that the average consumer hopes to lose weight quickly and can easily become frustrated with the huge variety of hCG on the market. This has led some individuals to buy hCG without reading any real feedback from genuine customers. I have embarked on a journey to find the most effective hCG that will promote the fastest weight loss without harming your body.

Additionally, I provide hCG reviews from real customers. That’s right, if you have tried any hCG and had success, if you think you've found the best hCG — or even if you think you've found the worst hCG, I want you to share your experience.

I have put the best hCG drops through a series of tests and use my results to evaluate the top hCG drops in criteria that will help you buy the best hCG for you. I hope that you have found this site to be helpful and educational.


The commissions I receive justify the time and effort I put into this website. These commissions do not affect my reviews or ratings of products in any respect. I value your health and trust far more than any 25% commission. There are many brands that I could recommend that would in turn compensate me heavily, but because these hCG drops do not meet the criteria I deem necessary, I will not rank these products as a "Top Pick". You may wonder why I would turn down this high commission? — It's because giving my honest advice about the most effective hCG is a great deal more important to me than me than turning a profit.

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How do we determine the “MOST EFFECTIVE” hCG Diet Drops?

Just as you’d determine “most effective” sleep aids, teeth whiteners or cold medicines. We turn ourselves into guinea pigs, and we never stop testing! Plus, we gather ratings from consumers and experts alike to “rank” the MOST EFFECTIVE HCG in the most IMPORTANT categories.